Adult Inflatables

We have a huge range of adult inflatable fun, take a look through this page and you should find exactly what your looking for.

Gladiator Games

These Olde English style challenges are suitable for anybody over 8yrs old, similar to the versions from the 90ís game show, two contestants, helmets on, stand or sit above the inflatable bed on raised podiums or pole, weapons at the ready, go! Best of three wins or winner stays on?

We provide an Inflatable bed with podiums or a pole, 2 x pugil sticks or pillows, 2 x head guards - you provide the fun gladiators! A great non-violent challenge game; as the batons are all foam, all you have to do is unbalance your opponent.
These gladiator duels are the most popular pieces of challenge equipment we hire at adult and family parties, corporate events, teambuilding days and school fundraising days. Many think it looks like you are there to violently beat each other, but our big soft pugil sticks will not inflict pain and we do provide head guards for extra protection. Participants soon realise that it is much more a game of tactics and balance than combat!


Base Height Cost Age
20 x 17 £130 8+ years old


Pole Joust
Base Height Cost Age
13 x 15 £110 8+ years old


Pull The Other One
Base Height Cost Age
13 x 19 £130 over 8 years old
This is a fantastic bungee game and one not to be missed. Two players are fastened either end of the same bungee, but there is an inflatable wall between them. Each player attempts to place their velcro score markers in place by running away from the wall, but their opponent is attempting to do the same, and atthe same time! It is really funny to watch and just as much fun to take part in. It's fast and exciting game of tacticle bungee run transformed into a new fun inflatable game.