Here at Ace Tec Leisure we have a great selection of inflatable football games, for adults and children. Click on any of the pictures for an enlarged view in a new window


Human Bar Football
Base Height Cost Age
40 x 30 8 £140
Still one of our most popular, this is a brilliant game suitable for all ages. It is the game of Table Football, but Human Size! The inflatable pitch surrounds the 6 a side teams. Players hold on to straps that are fitted to ropes running from side to side of the pitch and to play they can only move from side to side;just like the real game. It's a great and crazy game and an unusual attraction at any event or knockout tournament. Up to 6-a-side. *Limited suitabilty of used indoors.*


Odd Ball Shoot Out
Base Height Cost Age
6 x 6 7 £40
This is a very colourful attraction but it packs up small for collection and goes in the boot of a car. Unroll it, assemble the frame, and in a couple of minutes you have a self contained penalty shoot out game. The object is to kick 4 odd balls into the target holes. It is tricky enough to provide hours of matchless entertainment and to also try out your scoring skills.*This is not an inflatable*


Speed Cage
Base Height Cost Age
12 x 15 10 £70
Test your scoring speed with this speed cage.