If your looking for something more than a bouncy castle, something to entertain the family, something to keep the teengers amused, here is a great place to start. Click on any of the pictures for an enlarged view in a new window.


Base Height Cost Age
18 x 20 £125 over 8 years old
This is based on a game from a popular T.V. programme.. Competitors stand on raised padded plinths over an inflatable mattress. They don their Gladiator helmet, take hold of their pugil sticks (5ft foam sticks of rock) and let battle commence. Who can remain standing the longest? Non violent, just unbalance your opponent.


Pole Joust
Base Height Cost Age
12 x 12 £95 over 8 years old
This is a great game for indoor or outdoor use. Two competitors sit astride a padded pole with their foam filled pillows - The object is to dismount your opponent. The victor is the one who remains on the pole and the loser - well, they get to test out the inflatable bed below! This is the modern version of the old traditional pillow bash concept.


Pull The Other One
Base Height Cost Age
13 x 19 £125 over 8 years old
This is a fantastic bungee game and one not to be missed. Two players are fastened either end of the same bungee, but there is an inflatable wall between them. Each player attempts to place their velcro score markers in place by running away from the wall, but their opponent is attempting to do the same, and at the same time! It is really funny to watch and just as much fun to take part in. It's fast and exciting game of tacticle bungee run transformed into a new fun inflatable game.