Technique disco entertainment provided by Ace Tec Leisure

Why choose Technique Disco entertainment? because Experience Matters.

You are undoubtedly spending a lot of time planning your Wedding reception / Celebration … why? Because you and your guests want to have a positive and memorable experience on your day. We want this too! That is where experience matters. Our experience comes from entertaining at over 2,500 weddings throughout Europe and this helps ensure your experience is a great one! To personalise your day it’s a blend of three features:

Ambiance – The correct volume and ambient lighting at the right time for the venue combined with music activated lighting, projected only on the dance floor and ceiling, ensuring seated guests are left to socialize comfortably. It really does make a difference in creating a mood of excitement on the dance floor yet still allowing guests to be comfortable elsewhere in the room.

Music Selection — your personal list helps select the right music that takes you and your guests away to allow them to relive some of their own memories as well as encouraging them to create some new memories because we blend in some current music of the moment. Too many amateur Djs depend upon a uninspiring list of cliché wedding tunes, we prefer you suggest a list of personal favourites for discussion prior to the day, so this can become a foundatuion to your successful night.

Announcements — create a little excitement by making the announcements in a polished and professional manner, but only where necessary. Yes that can even includes announcing your first dance, buffet, photo calls, throwing of bouquet, farewell ect all and more can be arranged as you wish.

DJ Graham @ Technique ‘ Your pleasure has been our success’. So please call 07946637850 for a friendly informed chat about our availability and let's talk about how we can have you, family and friends say your reception party was amazingly you.

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